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The endings to this game make me generally sick to my stomach. No closure, no follow up, just abrupt "ITS OVER THANKS FOR PLAYING." The fact that I spent money on this makes it that much worse. There were some funny parts of the game and I was hopeful for some decent character development but the endings just threw that hope out the window. Avoid this game like the plague if you can't stand being left with unanswered questions or any hope for more character development. The full game feels more like a demo.


Hey, sorry you feel that way. I'm not sure which ending you got but there are several different ending depending on your choices trough the story. 

And there may also be one or two cliffhangers for a potentiall sequel ;) 

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I was interested in the idea, although I am not usually interested in visual novels, so I tried the demo.

I am afraid that I found it way too short to tempt me to buy the full game (it ends when the character just arrived in the real world, only a few minutes into the story).


Hello Touwaku! I write this comment just to say "thank you lady/mister Touwaku!" (I don't know if you are man or woman sorry! xp ) And also that I play demo of Celestial Crossing and I decide to buy full game, since I like graphics (Special Boobs. :) ) and I hope that this a game I will not disappoint me. Anyway, thank you for you work! ;)

thank you, I hope you will like it :)

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is this title steam only? pls say it isnt, and if its not when and where else is it being released?

( ive seen that its already been released on steam you see)

It is not steam only. we have always planned to release the game here, but the launch on was unfortunately a bit delayed.
but that will be fixed very soon


the game release on your site, will it be an adult version? and if there is an adult version will the steam version be getting an adult rated patch?

ty in advance!

sorry to post this here but don't have twitter was looking at your page and was wondering where i could find more about Love isnt rocket science?

thanks for showing interest in our other projects.

LIRS is still very early in development and we are ushure how long it will take to finish it. After Celestial Crossing is done (very soon) we will be able to spend more time on our other projects. We will then probably create a site for every project on our website

when can we expect a release?

we are doing our best to have it out before the holidays.

Thank you for your patience

Cool thanks for the quick reply really lookin forward to the release


I am translating the novel into Spanish, because I want my friends, can play it.


I know this is a demo, but the cliffhanger! I was really getting into it when that happened... This is the first visual novel that I have actual PLAYED (opposed to watching someone else play it on youtube) and I am really glad I found this! Are you still working on this?

wow, thank you! That made me really happy.

Yes we are still working on it, and I am happy to inform you that we are currently working on the final chapter of the story! No release date has been set yet, but we are aiming for sometime late summer/early autumn! More info will be released really soon! The best way to stay updated is to follow us on Twitter @touwakustudio

Thanks again for the post, it made my day!


Proprietary, no thanks...


Nice Game , I Hope You Get To Finish This One . Good Luck


Well, you only had to wait 243 days ;)

but now I can finally say that it is here!

LOL. Happy new year 2017 from Belgium. i just buy the game IT'S AWESOME nice work